About Melvin

conferencephotoNickname “Mr. Turnaround” Melvin has more than twenty years of not only turning around the lives of individuals but several organizations both in the private sector and the federal government. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Phoenix, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate business management courses and also serves as the Area Chair for Leadership and Management in their undergraduate Business Management program. He is the President of M.C. Brown & Associates, LLC a management, training and organizational consulting company in Manassas, VA.

He is a best-selling author and conference speaker who is sought out by both government and industry as an expert in the areas of Program Management, Knowledge Management and Training. He has developed several change management strategies for collaboration and is the recipient of the America Council for Technology, Industry Advisory Council’s, and 2007 Excellence in Government award.

His book “The Drive of Your Life”, Move out of the Passengers Seat and Get behind the Wheel to Your Divine Destination, will change your life.

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